Good bye for now!

well this is just a little post for anyone who follows my blog on here i will be removing my account from this site in the next week or so as my own bog website seems to have taken off so anyone that wants to continue following me visit my website at hope you enjoy my new page all you lovely readers.

well thats all from me on here hope to here from you all soon on my site

mysterygal out xxx


Hello to all my…

Hello to all my readers out there I know it’s been a while since my last post but I’ll be honest not much interesting has been going on in my life well till the last few days any ways so I am back and ready to tell you .
So there’s this guy who I kind of have a thing for though he doesn’t really see me in that way which is a bit devastating however every time we go out drinking or chill out at a mates and we end up alone together let’s just say something always ends up happening. Now this has been going on now since march pretty much but last night is when something happened that made me mad and sick to the stomach.

wanna read the rest view it now on my website
mysterygal out xxx

bit of a random one….

hi there readers i hope you are all having a good week well as the title says this is a bit of a random one today. well i have been back at the holiday park less than a week and me and a friend got a little drunk last night and this morning i have woken up with the most horrific……. if you want to read the rest of this make sure you visit my website

mysterygal out xxx